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The article from BBC news called, “Can Orcas Ever Be Healthy in Captivity?”, reveals a great deal about the controversy around keeping orcas confined. The article talks about Sea World’s decision to terminate the breeding of orcas, meaning that the 29 orcas currently residing at Sea World would be the last to be kept in captivity. Consequently, the organization also indicated that it would cancel its previous plan to double the size of the orcas’ tanks and add multiple features for the benefit of the whales.

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In the article “Colin Kaepernick’s Anthem Protest Leaves the N.F.L. Necessarily Uneasy” by Juliet Macur in The New-York Times, Macur recounts the statements and actions taken by the N.F.L. regarding Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the American national anthem.  

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Modern Education and religion can often lead to conflicting ideas which can lead to tensions between parents and a school board. The line between religious accommodation and fairness is often murky and it's hard to come to a definite conclusion to make sure all parties are appeased. In the case of certain school boards in the Greater Toronto area, there have been conflicts on whether or not Muslim students should be exempted from art or music classes due to these classes not conforming to Islamic religious beliefs.

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