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Professor Sarah Waurechen Gendered World Views February 24th, 2017 Media’s Attack on Women

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              Many forms of marketing in the business world have a tendency to cause controversy with their public. More specifically, companies such as Dolce&Gabanna, Guess, and Reebok have attempted to attract attention to their brand  using unethical advertisements. This Reebok advertisement is unethical because it promotes the vices of dishonesty and hatred. It follows virtue ethics considering that it shows creativity while at the same time promoting dishonesty and hatred.  

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      The issue of abortion has long been a major moral dilemma. Do the needs of the parent justify the killing of an unborn being? Although abortion should not be encouraged or abused, women should have the choice to an abortion as there are cases where it is morally acceptable. Some say you are committing murder which is wrong no matter what the context is. Others don’t consider unborn fetus as living beings, therefore believing it isn’t murder. What is often overlooked is the needs of the mother whose life is drastically altered by the decision to have an abortion or not.

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