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Alex Lasker Mark Cline-Lucey Social Studies 2 February 2016 Racial issues have always existed throughout history, being bad enough as to one race enslaving another. These tensions and issues have been fought, and denounced by multiple different races. The biggest movement in the United States history is the Civil Rights Movement, which lasted nearly ten years. The movement started small, then grew to be big enough to influence laws regarding segregation and racial oppression.

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Trading across the world has shown to be helpful and unhelpful in multiple ways throughout history, trading provokes innovation and peace deals between countries and nations. As well as ensuring that countries gain resources that they cannot easily produce on their own. The downside of trading is the loss of jobs in countries, since importing and exporting certain materials can make a job held by someone obsolete, due to the cheap and more efficient use of importing and exporting materials and resources.

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