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In October of 2009, Colorado father Richard Heene released a prototype for air travel accidentally after forgetting to tether it to a secure frame. One of Heene’s three sons told him that his youngest son, Falcon Heene, had crawled into the base before it had lifted off, and panic ensued. After travelling roughly 60 miles, the balloon landed two hours after it was released, and to the surprise of the parents, news reporters, and greater public watching the event, Falcon was nowhere to be seen.

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On January 25th, The New York Times announced that Vladimir Poutin approved a new law that reduces the sentence one can get if charged with domestic violence. Moreover, for now on, criminal charges will only be given if the victim was seriously injured (“concussion, broken bones or repetitive offense”). Some people go as far as saying that it is normal for parents to hit their children since it is a part of their culture. On the other side, some people believe it is a “step back to medieval times” and believe this law should not be in place.Afterwards, Ms.

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Alan Reifman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University, posted an interesting article about the sources of stress in a college student's life. As of October 1st of 2011, the post called ''Stress in College Students'' provides interesting facts about which types of students are the most stressed and where that stress comes from. For example, African Americans on campus are the most stressed out class of students due to pressure from their peers and the society.

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While most of society has been vilifying video games’ violent nature nowadays, it appears that by and large, the game Grand Theft Auto V, developed by Rockstar Games comes to light most often. This game, through what some might call unnecessary violence, takes the player through an off-brand version of Hollywood, allowing the player to do as they wish. It quickly becomes apparent why so many people are against this game, having the characters rob banks, eponymously stealing vehicles, and committing murder after murder, all with hardly any consequences.

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This ad, for Tom Ford’s new cologne for men, is split into two separate images side by side. The left half of the advertisement is dominated by a nude woman’s lower body, from mid-thigh to just under her navel. Her entire body is glistening, moistened by sweat from some sort of physical activity, probably sexual. A perfectly manicured hand reaches between her legs, where instead of her exposed genitals is a bottle of the actual cologne. The bottle is not placed daintily over her. Rather, it is forced into her causing the bottle to press into her thighs.

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         Do you remember how your life was without Facebook? What you used to do when you had nothing to do other than go on Facebook? Well it seems that in today’s society if you don’t have a Facebook account your different and you don’t fit in. Yes Facebook has its positives, like communicating with friends, watching funny videos like vines etc. But have you ever thought about the negative effects Facebook can have on an individual?  

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