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A study was performed on participants all born in the 90's. There were a total of 14,500 participants in the expirement done by The Univeristy of Bristol. The research found that if a girl's maternal grandmother had smoked during pregnancy, she was 67% more likely to display traits found in Autism like poor communication skills and repitive behavior. This disovery shows that if a female is exposed to cigarette smoke while still in the womb, it could affect the developg eggs.

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Although statistics vary, colorectal cancer (CRC) is a major cause of cancer mortality in the United States and is the 2nd leading cause of death in men and the 3rd leading cause in women (American Cancer Society, 2017).  At the forefront of colorectal cancer research is the study of the KRAS gene, which codes for proteins essential in regulating cell division.  When KRAS contains or acquires mutations, it becomes deregulated, like an on/off switch that can’t be turned off.  As a result, proteins essential for initiating growth factors, particularly epidermal growth factor (EGFR), are allow

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It is well known that there is a current problem with obesity rates in America. It is also common to see a family where many of the members are overweight or obese. While an individual’s diet and activity level plays an important role in a person’s weight, a recent study has found that there may be a genetic factor involved.  Published in the journal Obesity, researchers found an association between obesity in African Americans and West Africans, and a genetic difference in the semaphorin-4D gene (SEMA4D).

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Sean Bigler BIO 206 April 11, 2017   Article:   YOU HAVE TWO HOURS TO COMPLETE THE CALCULUS EXAM…LET’S BEGIN.  (Psst!.......Is your math anxiety heritable, environmental or a multifactorial construct?)  

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It seems like far too often I am hearing about friends or former classmates that have become addicted to heroin or have overdosed. It can be so frustrating sometimes, and you think to yourself why someone would do that, or why don’t they just stop. It is well known that addictions are extremely hard to overcome, but there may be another factor playing a part. An article published on March 27th, 2017 suggests that there is a connection between the low activity C allele of MAOA rs1137070 and a higher sensitivity to heroin addiction.

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