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           The state of Utah has sprawled into 2nd highest in the U.S.A. in urban sprawl only behind Sin City’s famous Nevada. Cities in Utah have been built in the middle of where farm land once was located. Cropland is the easiest land and also known as the cheapest land to build on. Population increases continue in the state, and that drives pressure on transportation and housing.

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The article, “Collective rights ‘offer hope for global fisheries’” by Mark Kinver released in 2013 on BBC News reflects the problem of overfishing and the possible solutions to this global issue. Ragnar Arnason from Iceland University emphasized on the fact that the previous trials failed to protect the fishery industry (Kinver, 2013, para 1). Indeed, he said that there is major problem of global over-exploitation of fish. According to him, the problem started due to the improvement of technology available for fishers and the rise in human population.

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Most of the agriculture in developed countries such as United States or Canada is now industrial-style agriculture. This means that farms are extremely large, highly specialized, they use a lot of fossil fuels and pesticides. Essentially, they became big factories. Some people consider this as a success. But is it? It impacts our environment and economy a lot. Only now we begin to realize what the price we should pay.

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For the third time in history, scientists have announced that there is a “wave” of coral bleaching around the world. More specifically from Hawaii to the Indian Ocean. According to the University of Queensland in Australia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other researchers, the phenomenon is due to global warming, the event of El Nino and the warm “blob” in the Pacific Ocean.

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Stephen Harper’s government began to cut budgets from Fisheries in 2012. Critics have pointed out that Fisheries from the Canadian Pacific has about 11 000 employees with a budget just under $1.9 billion. Individuals from the Ottawa headquarters have noticed that, and contributed $10 million over the next 2 years. Ever since they contributed that money, the “Pacific Salmon Foundation” from Vancouver had its funds increasing from $300 000 per year to $1 million. So basically a little recognition and help can make a difference BIGTIME!!!

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Global warming and El Nino, which is “an occasional warming of the central Pacific that changes weather worldwide” have caused coral reefs to whiten. This whitening is the killing of coral which is home to many species of wildlife. Although the coral reefs around the world are a very small percentage of the ocean floor, they are home to 25% of ocean wildlife. This problem has happened twice in the past. The US coral reefs are being hit the hardest because of the pattern of warming. Hawaii has been hit the hardest along with areas in Florida, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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The article “The Planet Is Going To Have Its Hottest Year on Record” is written by Brian Khan, and throughout the article he states that this year will be the hottest year and there is no way to slow it down. According to Khan, the reasoning behind his hypothesis is because this year “outpaced all other years from start to finish by riding on the back of record ocean heat”. August set a record for the hottest ocean temperature, surpassing the previous record by 2 °F. With the continuation of global warming, it is possible that 2015 will not be the hottest year for long.

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