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Bawden wants to establish that the hedgehog population is plummeting due to urban development and the rising number of badgers in Britain. According to a national survey, the hedgehog population has decreased by 50% in 15 years. Over the same period, the hedgehog population in rural areas has decreased by a third.

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The reasons why people choose to live in the cities are that all the services are closer and easier of access than if your home is somewhere in the middle of a field with your nearest neighbor living at ten minutes by car. However, this easy access comes with a price; with that many people all living in a certain area, environmental problems were bound to happen.

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               Thurton informs of a request to the chosen Liberal government to implement four recommendations published in “Canada at a crossroad: The imperative for realigning ocean policy with ocean science” written by 19 ocean scientist across Canada. The group’s spokesperson, a researcher at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, Dr. Rashid Sumaila is happy about the change of government but also fears the new government will ignore evidence and neglect ocean science once again.

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In the article How to Catch the Overfishermen, the author’s main purpose is to highlight the catastrophic environmental impact that overfishing has in the society. The author points out that one of the causes of overfishing is the food consumption of fish. In fact, approximately 3 billions of people get more than one fifth of their protein in fish which partially contributes to overfishing. This environmental issue is considered as a major problem, because there would be less diversity in ocean and fish would probably disappear eventually.

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<p>Hamilton seeks to establish the impacts of climate change on financial stability. Climate change risks financial stability because of “physical risks” and “transition risks”. Physical risks are property and human life damage due to catastrophes resulting from climate change such as flooding and frequent storms which puts pressure on the insurance industry.

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In Dennis Dimick’s article “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough”, we are brought into the light of the impacts that our increased growth population has brought on to our planet as well as the people living on it. In the article, Dimick gives different theories for what could become of our population in the next hundred years, with one theory marking us down for our population to increase more then 11 billion by 2100.

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                 This article is a follow-up from the suspension ordered by the AER on Nexen Energy’s pipelines operations on Aug 25, 2015. The author, while remaining neutral, seeks to inform that after the discovery of a large spill by the AER, 15 of Nexen Energy’s pipeline licenses have been suspended. He also offers insight into the reasons they were shut down and the conditions of the suspension removal.

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