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              The North Atlantic Right Whale suffered a brush with devastation as it was found nearly extinct in the mid 1900’s. As of today, it is estimated a mere 500 whales are still alive (Kraus et Al; 2016). The article in question examines current innovation and conservation techniques revolving around the NARW. Its main actors are fishermen and fisheries, regulators such as federal/provincial governments, and researchers of the species themselves.

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One major critique of modernized energy generation techniques is their increased upfront cost and often costly production and maintenance necessities. FortisBC, a corporate energy infrastructure provider and producer is aiming to ease some of these costs on the consumer by producing a large scale solar energy farm in the Okanagan. The basic idea behind this development is the construction of more than 700 panels to produce a large amount of electricity for customers who are interested in renewable energy but cannot set up their own infrastructure due to cost factors or other obstacles.

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