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In the article “Loss of Bees Bad for Plants” by Chris Palmer published from The Scientist. The author writes about the horrible consequences of the loss of bees on the plants and the ecosystem in general. Bees have a “a monogamous relationship between pollinators and plants, ensuring that plants receive pollen from their own species.” (Palmer, 2013).  Therefore, one of the consequences is that because of low pollination, plants can’t reproduce, spread and grow. In addition, this can prevent some of the production of foods such as honey in which it depends on pollination.

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The sole purpose of the article “Marine Ecosystems Are Preparing for Climate Change” written by Kavya Balaraman is to explain to us how resilient our marine ecosystem is despite the effects of climate change. The main issue of changes on the marine ecosystem is mainly due to pollution and climate changing. The main points the author of this article uses to explain how damaging climate change, is with the use of researches done by scientists that show the resilience of oceanic life to pollution and their ability to regenerate themselves.

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According to the article “Population Growth Puts Dent in Natural Resources”, population growth will exhaust all the natural resources. One of them will be water and energy. And since only the USA has 305 million people from 6,7 billion, it should be taking seriously to take action towards this critical situation. Criss is one of the researches that is working with his associates to combine as much data on the environment.  Due to his research, he found that around 150 million Americans use nonrenewable ground water everyday. Which leads to low level of ground water in other places.

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