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Analysis of “Mets player criticized for paternity leave: It was 'best thing for our family’”   Men were always considered physically strong and dominating in politics, sports, business and sexually. They are expected to be virile, always actively doing things. Masculinity in itself has become the drive for dominance, power, and conquest in all aspects of men’s lives; masculinity must be proven, and once a man has proven his ranks within masculinity he must prove his worthiness again and again if he does not want to be questioned or judged by people.  

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            In the article “Oprah Winfrey and the Handbag She Couldn’t Have” published in the New York Times on August 9th 2015 by Christine Hauser, the author states that Oprah wanted to go to a luxurious store to buy this very expensive handbag. The brand of the handbag was Tom Ford with real crocodile skin and it approximately costs about 38 thousand dollars. As soon as she walked into the store, she had her eyes set on that handbag and so she asked the employee if she could see it and hold it.

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Analysis of Redtape Shoes “live your Fantasy” campaign.    Throughout the years there has been several protest for women rights and even though now we are in a post feminist era where gender equality exists, advertisement is a form of media where they emphasize on women’s sexuality to successfully grab audience attention.

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  White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job

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