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What is the ‘’man box’’? How does it apply to our society? This concept defines the social values of hegemonic masculinity in which men are supposed to conform. Men are taught to be dominant in every social aspect of their lives. They are taught to be aggressive not only socially, but sexually too. They are taught to be stoic, and to not show any emotional signs on their faces publicly. In short, they are taught to be tough guys in this so-called ‘’man box’’.

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The article “What It's Like to Be a Black Cop in St. Louis County’’ by Alexia Fernández Campbell in the National Journal from September 5th, 2014 explains an awful racist conflict between police officers in St-Louis. Martise Scott a 49 years old African-American was hired in the police department. Out of the 700 hundred workers only 50 employees were black. Scott got a promotion as an undercover investigator .One day while he was heeding home, he followed a drunken men driving on Olive Boulevard, a road that many African-Americans avoid because police officers on this road are known to racially profile divers. He then called the police department and warned them that he would follow this truck until they would arrive. The truck pulled into a gas station. As the man ran into the store the other police men’s arrived and went immediately to Scott, pushed him on the ground and pointed a gun at him. Although Scott told them that he was a police officer and had a badge in his pocket, they completely ignored him. Instead of arresting the men inside the store they were concerned with Scott. Finally the police officer did arrest the drunken man but did not thank or give any apologizes to Scott. Even with a complaint that Scott filled nothing came to it. Scott realized it did not matter that he was black with a badge, he was still a ‘’Black Man.’’

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Nowadays, everywhere we go, media follows us and we cannot escape it. Models presented on beauty products, covers and magazines, or advertisements get their bodies ‘edited’ for one major reason: to achieve perfect beauty. Now, what about plastic surgery? What does it do to women, the most exposed victims to this?  

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