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On April 20, 1999, two boys Eric Harris 18 years old and Dylan Klebold 17 years old went into their high school with automatic weapons and sought revenge on the innocent students. Sadly thirteen people were murdered that day, with hundreds of people who were injured, physically and or mentally. 

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The article "Black Model Nykhor Paul Is 'Tired Of Apologizing For [Her] Blackness' posted by Julee Wilson on August 17th 2015 to Huffington Post Canada centers around the idea of racism in the fashion industry. South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul's Instagram post is referenced, where she expresses her annoyance of professional makeup/hair stylists not being prepared to deal with a black girl by not having the right color makeup or never having practiced with dark hair textures.

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In the article “a kind of racism we’re not used to” written by Masha Gessen on January 9 2014 talks about his struggles among racism. Masha is Jewish, he is born and raised in Russia which made him apart of the minority group. As soon as he moved to America he became part of the white majority which was treated extremely well. A couple of years later he returned to Russia and formed a family. Since Masha had such a great experience in America he decided to move back with his kids. Although the situation turned out to be completely different.

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The article Racism Is Not Isolated by Katen Kenski posted on Huffington post the 8th of September 2015 is about racism and discrimination at such a young age. People would never believe it for themselves unless they hear it. A seven year old African American was not allowed to play with the other young girls because they said she was dark skinned, at a McDonald’s she was accused of being jealous because she was not white like the rest of the girls playing, and in a washroom at school she was bullied do to the type of hair she had because of her ethnicity.

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In the article called ‘Home Detention for White Police Chief Who Shot Black Man’ written by Jeffery Collins on September 1, 2015 discusses an unfair punishment given to a white police officer for murdering an unarmed black man. The shooting incident happened in a small town called Eutawville. Furthermore, the author states that a white police officer named Richard Combs shot an unarmed black man named Bernard Bailey. Bailey arrived to the town hall to discuss a previous ticket although, at his arrival Combs told Bailey he was under arrest.

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