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This article discusses about before the Bill legalizing physician assisted suicide became legal in Canada. As an undergraduate medical student back in the 1970's, the author mentions that doctors were very uncomfortable with the idea of euthanasia. Ethical reasons were implied and when specialists had no choice but to ''pull the plug'' when the patient had no hope of survival, also worried specialists since it wasn't officially legal. The author brang in the term ''indirect euthanasia'', that was used before ''passive euthanasia'', which was concluded to be an ''appropriate care''.

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In this article, Roberts explains on how the youth are socially pressured by mainly the media. He targets mainly young girls since they are most likely to be the victims of oversexualization. The author pointed out that girls nowadays, feel as if they need to be sexually attractive or else, they feel invisible to society. If they don't ressemble the societal standards, it leads them to having for example: eating disorders, low self-esteem or/and depression.

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The issue being discussed in this article, is the fact that the N.F.L players decided not to kneel during the American National Anthem before a game. President Trump was very offended by this and believed that the players had no respect for America. Their excuse was that they would not kneel for a country where racial oppression still occurs. Even though, Trump believed that these players should be fired since he was very ashamed of this having occurred and many fans were very angry of this event. Many apologies have had to be made by other teams.

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