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For the longest time, we have wondered why there is more and more violence occurring in the world. We live in modern times with technology and media, connecting us to each other, which should reduce ignorant acts of violence by bringing us all together and understanding the source of problems, instead of lashing out against anything and everything. In the recent years, with understanding different points of view and studying the roots of things, some have found that violence is an issue directly pointed towards men. In the documentary "Tough Guise 2", directed by Jackson T.

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The article "Yaya Touré: players could boycott 2018 World Cup in Russia over racism" by Stuart James on the Huffington Post on October 24, 2014 explains why some soccer players might be inclined to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia due to racism in this country. Yaya Touré is a black soccer player who is apart of the Manchester City soccer team. He brought up the possibility of this boycott after fans of the opposing team racially abused him during a game facing Manchester City to CSKA Moscow.

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The article “American Schools are STILL Racist, Government Report Finds” written in the Huffington post explains that students of color who attend public schools are most likely to get punished and to have incompetent teachers. It is shown that students with a different “race” than white are most likely to get expelled or suspended. There are a large amount of teachers who fail to meet certification requirements and teach at public schools. Sadly, these teachers teach minority students which leads to low academic performance.

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The article “LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant Caught On Tape: Report (UPDATES)” by Braden Goyette in The Huffington Post from April 26th, 2014 explains the racist remarks said by Donald Sterling while attending a basketball game with his girlfriend. According to an audio source that was leaked to TMZ, Donald Sterling is heard making racist comments to his girlfriend about Magic Johnson and about racial groups such as Blacks and Mexicans. The article also reveals previous lawsuits and complaints made towards him in other racial and age discriminatory scandals.

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