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The article I've chosen, "Humans Get in the Way of Mammal Movement" highlights the consequences related to human invasion of territories mostly occupied by animals. The text begins by noting how over fifty different land-based animal species suffer as a result of the modification humans have made to certain landscapes. The study conducted by the University of Maryland took into consideration a vast majority of species, across the entire globe. Ultimately the goal was to detect whether or not human interference with animal species effected the daily life of the animals.

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A digital english news publisher, The Local Denmark, published the article "Danish government could end “one-fifth” behind green energy target" in march of 2017 analising their governments projection to reach 50% renewable enregy by 2030. The artcile discusses how the country of Denmark had set a projection in which half of the energy consumed or used in the country would be reewable, however the author cites a Danish news agency Energistyrelsen who claim that only 80 % of their goal will be rached unless a more drastic approach is taken.

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Net zero homes are custom made homes that produce as much energy as they consume, or even more, on an annual basis. It is an intelligent design that combines different renewable energy producers, as geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, etc. Using the adequate combination of theses, based on your house emplacement and needs, and other new technologies allows the house to be auto-suffisent. They are a lot of other designs that can help like better insulation, proper windows arrangements, high efficient appliances, low consuming lights, walls with higher R-value, ect.

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