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Summary: There's been a lot of talk lately as to whether dating in college has changed over the years or if it even exists at all anymore. College is displayed as the hookup scene today and not displayed as the once common romantic dinner date scene. College dating expectations differ between both men and women.

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Rape has long been a part of world history. In Ancient Rome, rape was referred to as “raptus” meaning violent theft, and this term was applied to both people and property (Jiloha 250). I would like to believe that more than 2,000 years later, we as a society could figure out how to stop assaulting women and men in this way. It is well known that women are the primary victims, but why is this? Are we considered weaker? The lesser gender? Unfit to fight back?

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A mentally ill man from St John’s who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder was just released from jail after being charged with assault and threatening his father and step-mother. The man, Taylor Mitchell, 21, ran after them with a chainsaw and hit his father. The police were called and Mitchell was arrested and spent the night in jail and was denied bail. His lawyer, Joan Dawson, says that jail was the very last place he should’ve been because of his mental disorders.

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Sometimes disobedience is needed to show the authority how the masses feel. This is exactly what Rosa Parks did, and she ended up sparking a movement that would have a snowball effect until racism started to fade away. Rosa Parks is a staple in civil rights history; she is credited with sparking the flame that is the modern civil rights movement in the USA. Rosa was an average Joe, a poor seamstress from Alabama. One day she decided to refuse to give her seat to a Caucasian passenger on a city bus; at the time there were many segregation laws and regulations so this was strictly forbidden.

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College Presidents are pushing for lowering the drinking age to 18. Is it a good idea or a terrible idea?

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Children are often the forgotten victims in homeless families. They suffer immense mental health issues and social anxiety. However, steps have been taken in recent years to help these unfortunate young people.

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In recent news, all attention is turned towards the Olympics and other major issues. However, this unfortunately means other subjects are ignored. Child abuse in one of them. The two news articles, from the New York Times and The Gazette, that will be summarized in this post relate to child sexual abuse in relation with the church.  

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Traditionally the prostitute is looked down on as a filthy criminal. This article is about viewing the prostitute as a victim and her pimp as the criminal.

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After returning from war, many veterans find themselves without a place to sleep and with nothing to eat. The federal government is not well equipped enough to help them in their time of need after becoming American heroes.

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