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  At first I had a tough time answering this question, although like we discussed in class, some laws may not necessarily change society as a whole immediately, but it indeed does have an effect on how people view the world. 

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As discussed in class both society and law work hand in hand together to shape the world that we live in. Law is the structure toward the society and without society there would be no point of having this structure and law. As well on the other hand, if there was no law than the society would not function the way that it should. Law controls the way we act in our society as well. Not only us following the laws however, us following the norms that the society hold on us. Referring to a norm as something like following the law. It is known that everyone must obey the law.

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Studying law as a social science has many benefits. Since a social science is the scientific study of society and their social relationships, this would make sense as to why and how our semester material involved a lot of society, and how law interacts with it. There are many benefits from studying law as a social science, some being that a lot of the information is taken from numerous other academic fields, such as a psychology, and sociology.

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Why do we obey the law?   As a citizen of Canada, we obey the law for numerous reasons. To obey the law is to be seen as the right thing to do. Many people obey the law for many reasons. Whether its because of a political obligation where the citizen feels it is morally right to do, gratitude, where the citizens believes they will receive something in return for their obedience, fair play, where the obedience is the price to pay for security, order, and justice, or associative obligation, where we are under an obligation to comply with the norms that govern it.  

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Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?  

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