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You would like to think that mental health was taken seriously, wouldn’t you? For years, the idea of romanticizing mental illness has come to play and Dawnie Cheung explains more on the issue. She starts off by explaining how mental illness is hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it. She goes on to explain how mental illness was taught to her to be frightening and scary, although now in this generation, it’s viewed as normal and “cool” to have.

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In this article, we learn from a report by the Department of Public Health that 111 people died after the California’s right-to-die law got implemented.  On June 9th of 2016, the End of Life Option Act took place. It allows citizens of California 18 years old and over to ask for euthanasia from their doctors if they are expected to die in the next 6 months and are suffering from their illness.

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In mid-November, CNN broadcasted slaves being auctioned off for some as less than 100$ at a Libyan Slave Market. An individual who was part of the slave auction shared his story in this article by Premium Times. Victory Imasuen was a barber who saved up money to open up a barber shop in Europe. Once they arrived in Libya, the driver who had driven Victory had announced he had not been paid, and Victory and others were taken and sold as slaves. He and 10 other Nigerians were sold and kept in a small room which kept more than 200 people locked up.

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How will the world function if bans and restrictions were put on the internet? This article by the New York Times highlights an issue that was brought to attention in 2015 under Obama's ruling, and the goal was to adopt regulations for high-speed internet. Major companies such as AT&T and Comcast believe that this will be worst service for everyone in the long run. The biggest concern that everyone has about this issue will that it will be a pay as you go type of access. It will also focus on two tiers, high-speed internet, and the opposite.

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  Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia  

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This article looks at the pros and cons that freedom of speech present. Freedom of Speech is something that has been an important part of the history, and still is something very important in society to this day. Being able to speak freely has its advantage and here are some of them. First freedom of speech enable you to express yourself and your personal thoughts, it allows you to say what you want, when you want, without any worries about having to pay fines or being jailed. Another good aspect freedom of speech bring to the table is protection against special interest.

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Should marital rape be criminalized? This article highlights why it should be. It shows how one out of every five married men in India has non-consensual sex with their wives. Marital rape is not an offense in India under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code. This code protects men, who won’t get tried for raping their wives. The center opposed to having a law against marital rape because they believe it could cause harassment against husbands.

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This is an article about the debate on abortion between pro-choice, and pro-life. This debate has gone on for a long time after the US Supreme Court passed a law on it is a fundamental right to humans in 1973. For people who believe they are pro-choice, they state that abortion is a right and that it should not be limited or banned by any authority figure, including governments as well as religions. It’s believed that if abortion wasn’t a fundamental right, women would seek unsafe abortion treatment which could put them in an immense amount of danger.

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After recent controversy over the topic of taking a knee, Eric Reid decided to explain his position on the issue. In the article posted by New York Times, an explanation was given on why Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid decided to take a knee. They explain how in early 2016 they were watching a great number of unarmed black men getting murdered. These posts surfaced on social media and they made both men deeply emotional, especially coming across one, which happened in Reid’s hometown. He takes this action personally because any of his family members could have been affected.

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After the Last Vegas shooting that happened on October 1st, Stephen Collinson wrote an article for CNN where he discusses the reactions of the shooting that rose the topic of gun control in the United States.   

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The issue that is being discussed here, is the massive amounts of guns in Canada. Of course, as mentioned in the article, this country has far less guns than in America, it was said that Canada has about ten million guns therefore, about thirty-one guns per a hundred people whereas, America has about 310 million guns which gives one gun per person. Although, when discussing about gun security, it is taken into consideration that Canada is a way much safer place when compared to the United States. Even though, it does not result into less gun homicides.

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During the Fall of 2017, the inauguration of Bill 62 has created a significant controversy that seems to divide people on the matter of religious neutrality. This bill, which puts a restraint on access to public services to people that wear a Hijab, Niqab or Burqa, only to name a few, has made people question whether this bill is about neutrality or against the Muslim religion.

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