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On the excel table above, I compared the unemployment rate in US veterans of different nationalities in six of the largest cities in the country. Before I conducted this research, I never would of put veterans and unemployment in the same category because I found there correlation bipolar. I blatantly assumed that a US veteran would always have some form of occupation or job status until retirement. What’s most surprising is that some of the final results were expected, but there was some demographic evidence that I didn't see coming.

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Summary: Patcher, Bernstein, Szalacha and Coll’s study investigated the way children perceive racism and in which situation they observe it, as well as the effects of discrimination and racism on them. The main hypothesis was that there is a positive correlation between children’s awareness of racism in their environment and their health condition, particularly if they are part of a group that constitutes a visible minority. The participants were children between 8 and 18 years old.

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Kayla Bourbon   Kaldor Soc 100   11/7/16   Budget Cuts and Difficult Working Conditions for Student Necessities  

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Do you think an employer would prefer to interview an Alexander rather than an Abdullah? Have you ever thought what might happen (the changes/effects) if we remove job applicants’ names when applying for work in Canada, a similar process used in Britain? After reading the article written by Common “Could a 'blind recruitment' policy make Canada less racist?”, it made me realized that racism is extremely present in the labor market as well in the recruitment process. Many studies have been conducted to examine why Canadian immigrants have such a hard time in the workforce.

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Halloween is coming, meaning that frenetic research for the perfect costume might begin soon. However, racism and stereotypes are often spread through these disguises as many are unaware that these clothes provide of a bad representation of certain cultural groups.

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The NFL will not let teams show their support for officers that risk their lives everyday, but they let individual players kneel during our countries national anthem. Players are able to stick up for black lives but not officers that have been killed.

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An issue in society that has only been growing involves the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. The first public battle that I can remember, was fighting for social acceptance for lesbians, gays, and those who are bisexual. The next, was gay marriage. Currently, the social issue that seems to be everywhere is relating to those who are transgender. The issue has grown since those individuals now would like to be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Now I tend to stay away from this social topic, but an article struck my attention and I have now decided to go further into this societal controversy. The article on the Newsweek website, “Denying transgender people bathroom access is linked to suicide,” caught my attention as it probably would anyone. The title caught my attention because of how simply bizarre the idea that bathroom access could ever be linked to suicide rates.

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After raping and leaving a woman completely vulnerable behind a dumpster, Brock Turner is sentenced to a mere 6 months prison time.

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Do we as individuals choose what we look like or is it decided for us by our judgmental form of society? From eating disorders, issues concerning body image, and exploitation of beauty standards, society's definition of perfection is not only unrealistic and harmful, but ultimately corrupted. Athletes like Serena Williams and Misty Copeland are advocates for ending the use of hurtful body shaming in the media and strongly believe that we need to rethink our ideals of female beauty.

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