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Original title: One of the Best Urban Development Sites in the Country to be Transformed into New Walkable Neighborhood in Center of Downtown Cleveland

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The guardian claims that sustainable development is a vague terminology being bent like a rubber band. At the moment cities are taking resources from outskirts and giving nothing back.  Natural resources continue to diminish because of cities’ increased energy and resource consumption.

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"Half of the global population already lives in cities, and by 2050 two-thirds of the world's people are expected to live in urban areas" (Leen)says the National Geographic. When one thinks about how crowded our cities are now, its hard to imagone how bad itll be in 2015. In the National Geographic article called "Urban Threats" the threats and possible solutions of urban development. Not only does this list the environmental impacts but the social impacts such as poverty.

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Nobody really knows how much of the food we eat cosists of GMOs(Genetically Modified Organism). In Joel Edwards article "GMOs are dangerous to our health, according to latest independent research" he discusses how even though the GM food industry studies show that these foods are safe, new studies disagree. The first study discusses was the Seralini Study. Many say that this study is irrlavent because because of the way it was cundected. Edwards says that "The Seralini study was actually a well-designed and well-conducted study.

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In this article Nasa looks at the earth's forests from their space flight center. From there they attempt to define what a forest is by looking at what it consists of and what its ecosystem is like. They also take deforestation into account when disscussing the idea of forests. When looking at the earth they were able to determine that "as much a 6 percent of Earth's land area, nearly equivalent to the size of China" (Rocchio, 2015) is covered in forested areas.

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              The article "Cheap Oil an Opportunity for Fossil Fuel Price Reform" written by Glada Lahn argues that fuel costs should increase according to the severity it causes on health, carbon and resource degradation. She claims that the cut on fuel costs does not aid the environment's situation since it makes people buy more cheaper oil, hence, they produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from combustion.

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In Dennis Dimik's article taken from the National Geographic website, As World's Population Booms, Will Resources Be Enough for Us, the reader learns about the many views of population growth and how it can and will become an issue for resources around the world. The article opens by telling the reader that "roughly one in eight of us doesn't have enough to eat" (Dimik, 2014). Keeping that in mind Dimik begins to discuss the many views and predictions for the worlds population. Many believe that "there's an 80 percent chance...

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