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Why not be vegetarian? There are so many different health benefits other than simply saving animals lives that some people aren’t conscious about. Vegetarianism is getting more and more common these days, which is making a huge impact for everyone, not only them. It may seem like one person can’t make much of a difference, but an average Canadian consumes 137 pounds of red meat and poultry per year! That’s enormous. Just yesterday my physical education teacher was telling the class how sad she found it was seeing a dead moose by the road, on her way to school.

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In the past years, many people have adopted a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle for many reasons, the main ones being for animal rights and the effects on our environment.  

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Since the creation of the Communist Party of Canada, it has been seen as a major risk to the population with his ideology. With its election platform, it seems like a great party, but why is it so unpopular?   How the Communist Party of Canada wants to change in the environment sector   ·         Adopt emergency legislation to slash greenhouse gas emissions, and support reparations to countries affected by capitalist-driven climate change.

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In October 2014, Jean-François Fortin who was a previous member of The Bloc Quebecois formed a new political party. The new political party Forces et Démocratie has many plans on how they want to represent their citizens because they claim that none of the current parties are giving the form of attention that people want. The new party he's proposing, Fortin says, will "refuse to play by the rules". But it is ridiculous that this party claims to give so much importance to citizens yet they don’t even have the intention in making an English version of their party’s name.

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Many foods have harmful ingredients in them, some are more easy to identify than others. For example, it isn’t hard to figure out that foods such as chips and candy have additives and aren’t good for you. But what if you find out that a food that is labeled as ‘healthy’ is actually full of harmful ingredients.  

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Would you say that we gain all our knowledge from school? Probably not. You might be thinking that reading, interacting and experiencing are some things that allow us to learn and gain knowledge. Travelling, for instance, is one of those amazing ways to gain knowledge!  

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The fashion industry is a really hard industry. This industry have many parts, plus size, child, sport etc. One thing sure if you want your brand to get bigger you have to be able to fit many categorie of customer in it but what happen when one of the famous brand CEO start to criticize a certain categories of person?  

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Schools, parents and students all have a different perspective on whether there should be school uniforms or a dress code, or none. There are many pros and cons to take into consideration when deciding whether we find it is acceptable or not.  

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For those unfamiliar with the term veganism, like vegetarians, vegans don’t consume any meat, poultry, fish or by-products of slaughter, but they also don’t eat any eggs or dairy products. It isn’t the full-time vegans, but rather the ones who are only vegan for a short period of time, such as 7 days or 30 days, who are becoming more and more popular these days! According to Vegan Society, in 2013  there were 40% more temporary vegans, compared to 2012. There must be a good reason behind this.  

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You are lying in the hospital bed, weak, in pain, knowing that there is nothing left for you than to just wait. Wait for death to come to you. Would you want the option to end your suffering there?

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I’m sure you hear about harmful products and polluting our planet all the time. But it was surprising to hear that in the article, "Toxic sunblock products pollute water and pose health threat to marine animals", David Gutierrez states that while we're protecting our skin with sunscreen, we're also destroying nearly all life in the oceans! While we think that we’re protecting our skin, we are actually just damaging it. It makes perfect sense, but why is this so shocking?

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Yesterday night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and one of my friends posts really touched me. Marianne Brodeur, who some of my friends knew, lost her life last weekend at the ranch Gagnon in St-Hilaire. It really hit me how precious life is! Last year, Julianne Riendeau, one of my friends girlfriend who was only 14 years old, got hit by a car in St-Bruno. It’s so devastating to hear that there are people around us, die so innocently at a young age.  

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