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Euthanasia is now a topic of practically every day conversation.  Belgium has allowed euthanasia since May of 2002, and Canada has been having the conversation about the right to die for months now.  I will be examining a Globe and Mail article discussing about Quebec becoming the first Canadian province to adopt a right to die legislation, a Dan Gardner

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Has school been on the bottom of you to-do list, or completely not on it? Either way, continuing to read will defenetely help increase your motivation to obtain a high school diploma! As it may be a surprise for many, high school dropouts rate are still high. In an analysis that was conducted in 2012 till 2013, it was found that in Washington, only 81 percent of students obtained their diploma. Although it does not seem like a low percentage, it is the equilvalence to having one student in five not accomplishing high school.

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1.       In the article “Abortion Debate to Heat up Again in Iowa Statehouse” by Mike Wiser we see an argument between the Republicans and Democrats of Iowa State. The republicans are against abortion while the Democrats are pro-abortion. Abortion is legal in Iowa and recently there has been an increase in induced abortion and a decrease in surgical abortions. The article shows that they are split about 50% 50% throughout the state on what pregnant women chose to do.

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The article “Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?” by Kenneth J. Cooper and published in June 2011 in the diverse, debates whether big time college sports like football and basketball are jobs or simply extracurricular activities. The ethical issue is should the college athletes playing bigtime sports be paid. The author shows two sides, one mainly by Robert and Amy McCormick who argue that college athletes should be paid and that college athletes constitute as employs under federal law.

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Daily Mail Original title: Nike workers 'kicked, slapped and verbally abused' at factories making Converse Author: Daily Mail Reporter Date of Publication: July 13, 2011, 13:47, GMT    

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As shown in many magazines, Medias and television shows, women are more and more objectified, seen as nothing less than sexual tools or housewives. The objectification of women is amplifying. But what about men? Does anyone really think that men are not involved with social constructs? As a man, dealing with violence and masculinity became daily. Men always have to prove their superiority. Men always have to show how aggressive and strong they are in every place: home, work, locker room, etc. If they don’t, the society and people tend to see them as womanized men.

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In the article “For Black Students the School to Prison Pipeline Is in Higher Gear Than Ever” by Earl Ofari Hutchinson in Huffington Post from October 24th, 2014 explains how there are a concentrated amount of black students that are either expelled or suspended in America’s public school institutions and under the radar the number of black students who get arrested based on alleged behaviours are greater than expulsion or suspension. If the student is black, a single wrong look or slight scuffle could cause the school to involve the police.

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            The article “It Has Been 47 Years since This couple Helped Redefine Marriage” by Emily Thomas in the Huffington Post from June 12th, 2014 discusses an early case of interracial marriage between whites and blacks. People should not be restricted to who they can love based on race or color but how they personally feel about the person. The article examines a couple in 1958 that fell in love in Virginia but the problem was Mildred Jeter was a black women and Richard Loving was a white man.

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In the article “Civil Rights Act: Colorado Springs woman’s prejudices evaporate through experiences” by Caro; McGraw, posted on July 2, 2014 states Lucy Bell lost her prejudices towards minorities. Bell grew up in North Dakota, a place where racism is often felt towards the native population so she always held these prejudices. She went on to become a school teacher and surprisingly to her she taught native students. This was an eye opener to her as she saw injustice and how wrong racism was about their culture.

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The article “Racism Is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About It” by Craig and Marc Kielburger on Huffington Post From September 18, 2014 explains that because racism is more of a vocal topic outside of Canada, doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge issue Canadians have to face as well.  Seeing as Canada is supposedly seen as a multicultural country, people often assume racism isn’t/shouldn’t be such a big deal.

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Ethical business for me is to respect the environment. I think that we have to protect the environment.  The climatic changes are in link with us. We are consuming more and more and it affects the world around us. Larges businesses think only about the profit and forget that they are reducing our life expectancy of future generations. I respect a lot the companies who are protecting the environment. They have a lot to gain by helping the environment. Now, the population is more concerned by the repercussions on environment.

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