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As time goes on, there are changing trends that are affecting the legal profession. There are some trends that are exclusive to the United States and its extensive law system and there are trends that are seen around the world as well. TheBalance, a financial website, writes about the trends that are “reshaping the legal industry” domestically. Chamber Student, a law research group based in England report on the changing trends in the United Kingdom as well as the European Union.

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There is a controversial problem in the United States today regarding the differences in pay between men and women for the same nature and amount of work. The work sector of interest in this article is the legal profession, focusing mostly on full-time lawyers. Wage gaps have been reported by multiple research agencies including PayScale, Sky Analytics, and the United States Census Bureau.

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Scandals like the Volkswagen emissions debacle put stress on customers, shareholders, and staff, but for the wrong reasons. Most organizations caught in similar scenarios panic about financial standing and professional reputation, and therefore it’s unsurprising to find that VW is far from being the only company caught cheating numbers in emissions trading schemes.

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Conflicts between Canadian indigenous peoples, government and oil companies are increasing. Oil companies are looking to construct new pipelines to bring Alberta tar sands to other parts of the world but to do so they must interfere with indigenous peoples’ traditional territory.

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In the article “Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution” the Guardian reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a health warning about deadly levels of air pollution.The high levels of smog are appearing in cities with high population growth, and is created by mix of transport fumes, construction dust, toxic gases from power generation and wood burning in homes.

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This article begins by declaring the transition of human history into a new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene – as determined by a working group of high-level geologists. They’ve concluded that the main contributors of this rapid transition are a result of radioactive material during 1950’s hydrogen bomb testing, climate change, mining within the earth’s crust, and the development of widespread agriculture throughout the world.

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