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Blog Post 3: Law as a Social Science and Approaching law as a field of Study - Justin Arseneault   Personally when i look at law and social science i jump immediately to the idea of laws reflecting societal values and an understanding of how to affect values, what affects them and why so. And in looking at the how, what, why of the situation we come to understand the systems at play and their functionality.

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The benefits of studying law as a social science are wide and far reaching. If one believes that law and society are inseparable, then it would be both relevant and necessary to study law as a social science. Law cannot be looked at from one single viewpoint, to do so would be to see only one aspect of the law. The law is fluid, ever changing, and open to interpretation, much like the norms of society, so it is necessary to gain the best understanding of the law in order to fully grasp the concepts and functions of the law.

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