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 In this article, written by Denyse Coles, the idea that prostitution should be decriminalized is stressed.  The author puts emphasis on the three key factors that would be better for everyone.

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Most of you probably saw Clara Hughes either on the Bell commercials or in the Summer and Winter Olympics. This national athlete is using her fame to entice people to donate for research on mental illnesses.

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The news article written by Dianna Magnay and Bryony Jones named ‘Parents Plead to Be Able to Help Terminally Ill Children Die’ is about Linda Van Roy, a mother who couldn’t do anything to help her dying baby. Her 10-month-old daughter named Ella-Louise was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a rare and terminal genetic that damages the nervous system. Ella-Louise who was bound to die was suffering and her mother couldn’t do anything to help her as the law in Belgium does not allow Euthanasia for minors.

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            While many North-Americans think of this as a subject which is taboo, it’s getting more and more attention from politicians and the people.  Indeed, the debate on the legalization of marijuana is starting to evolve in a way where the society is educated about this plant, getting to know its advantages and disadvantages, instead of frightened.  The article ‘‘Herb mentality; 39%of Canadians have used marijuana and many more are disposed to legalization.

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