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  Access to University should be a right not a privilege   Education is something that is obligatory until the age of 16 in certain part of the world. Pass this age, the choice comes back the youngster to decide wether or not he wants to continue in the path that is education or take another road. However it is essential for a majority of our population to continue their studies.  

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          Abortion has and still is a controversial subject. Some argued that it is wrong for some religious reason or because it is like taking a life.  On the other side, there are some that claims that until a certain point, the fetus is still not alive, by consequence this argument should not be valid. Humanism on their side are fully in favor of legal and easily accessible abortion for all. Humanists reject the religious reason, why abortion is bad or should not be done, since most humanists believe that religion should not have a place in modern society.

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Assisted dying is an ethical dilemma that is very often brought up yet never solved. When it comes to the life and death of a human being, it is hard to adapt your opinion. It is natural to have strong opinions in such absolutes since the outcome is the life of a person. The problem in this debate is that the vast majority of the party that is against euthanasia is religious.   

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To be a philanthropist, means to give some of your money to people who are less fortunate than you during their life time, people who have been less lucky during their up-bringing. Coming from someone who grew up in a very poor country, I would have loved to have any international aid to make my life and the ones of my family easier.  

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