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In his article “How disappearing sea ice has put Arctic ecosystem under threat”, Robin McKie warns that over two million square kilometres of midwinter sea ice have melted in less than forty years. Global warming, caused by excessive carbon emissions from cars and factories, is the main cause of sea ice loss. This deterioration of the Arctic natural ecosystem is seriously endangering many species like seals, fish, polar bears, foxes, and wolves since according to the marine ecologist Tom Brown, the Arctic food chain depends on a stable sea ice platform to survive.

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The sole purpose of the article “Marine Ecosystems Are Preparing for Climate Change” written by Kavya Balaraman is to explain to us how resilient our marine ecosystem is despite the effects of climate change. The main issue of changes on the marine ecosystem is mainly due to pollution and climate changing. The main points the author of this article uses to explain how damaging climate change, is with the use of researches done by scientists that show the resilience of oceanic life to pollution and their ability to regenerate themselves.

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The article “How Many People is Too Many People?” by Hannah Gais inform us about the danger of outstripping resources with our growing population and gives solutions to prevent this problem. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the main cause of resources depletion is the outgoing expansion of the population. Consequently, since the world population is estimated to be 11 billion at the end of the century according to United Nations, Natural resources will be insufficient for the number of people living.

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In his article “Wealth redistribution and population management are the only logical way forward”, William E Rees warns his readers that our techno-industrial society is running on an human ecological footprint that is at least 60% larger than the planet can sustain. While countries are still using renewable resources at a faster rate than they can replenish, the world community still has not agreed on a response to this issue.

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