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All humans are different, physically for sure but also inside their body. I am talking about what only science can tell us. But socially we have created many categories to separate people into the groups to which they belong. Do we really belong to a certain category which is made of society’s point of view based on “race”?

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    Throughout the activities, discussions and the lectures, I have changed my view upon the concept of race. It is much more than the classification of skin color, eye color or hair texture. It is that race is connected to genetic or physical traits, all aimed to classify a group of people. None of which are more important than the other.  

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Through these past weeks’ lectures and discussions, I was able to improve my understanding of the concept of “race” and the impact that it has on our modern society. In today’s generation, people will often associate various races to specific things; from Arabs and bombs, to Mexicans and illegal immigration, these affiliations, meant as jokes, show how much the concept of race has become omnipresent and is part of our everyday life.

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