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I am a Criminology student from Montreal. I love animals, music, and reading...especially when it involves sitting on the beach.


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         The epidemic of rabies is the negative result caused by dogs that have been abandoned and neglected by careless owners. The newspaper article, "I Want to Kill These Dogs: Question of Whether to Cull Strays Divides Yangon" written by Poppy McPherson and published to The Guardian on January 19, 2017 addresses the concerns of the community in regards to the dangerous stray dogs.

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A growing issue in today’s society is the vast amount of stray animals on the streets. Many of these animals are victims of abuse and of irresponsible ownership. They have been neglected and abandoned, which begs the support of the community to help find a solution to this issue. A way to do so is to place more focus on academic disciplines such as psychology, economics, and law.

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Abandoned and neglected animals in Montreal have become a growing issue. The article, "Hawkesbury Cat Lover on Mission to Battle Feline Overpopulation Crisis" written by Angelica Montgomery and published to CBC News on March 12, 2017 addresses the vast potential amount of stray cats. The news article calls attention to the overpopulation of cats in Montreal. One in three households in Quebec contains a pet cat; however, nine out of ten of these cats have been sterilized, which leaves approximately 200, 000 cats to reproduce.

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    In the city of Montreal, many neglected and abandoned dogs need a loving home. A news story published in The Montreal Gazette addresses the issue about a dog that was stabbed and abandoned in Angrignon Park. This newspaper article demonstrates the severity of this issue and can be accessed with this link:

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As a citizen of Montreal, Quebec, I do not come across many stray animals and it always comes as a shock to me when I see the abandoned cats and dogs in places that I have visited such as; Cuba and Greece, which always leaves me feeling a pang in my heart. The article, “Animal Welfare: Why Dogs Are a Development Issue” written by Anna Leach and published to The Guardian on May 2nd, 2014, addresses the issue about stray animals.

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In a new age defined by technology, social media provides a platform for individuals all over the world to publish pieces of writing. Whether it is a 140 character tweet, or a Facebook post, the identity of a journalist is questioned in the newspaper article, "Digital Age Rewrites the Role of Journalism" written by David Marsh which was published to The Guardian on October 16, 2012.

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As reported by Amanda Holpuch last July 21st 2016 in the Guardian, another act of racism was made by the police. It is not the first time this last year police officers in America have opened fire on black unarmed men. Charles Kinsey, who is a behavior therapist in a group home was sitting by the street with an autistic patient when a police sped out of no where and brought a gun in their direction. Charles was not armed and his patient had only a toy truck in his hands whicht he therapist repeated multiple time he had to the police while his hands where in the air.

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           The Guardian has been providing factual newspaper articles since 1821. One of the correspondents for this newspaper is Tom Phillips who is stationed in Beijing and continues to provide readers with articles addressing international matters. Out of the many works that are written by Mr. Phillips, the one piece in particular that intrigued me the most was: "Beijing Smog: Pollution Red Alert Declared in China Capital and 21 Other Cities" which was published to The Guardian on December 17, 2016.

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            We have grown accustom to certain things in our lives that may seem odd to others, but we won’t notice them until someone points them out to us.  Maybe we won't even notice how odd it is until we see it in a more exaggerated or public form, such as in the media.  2014 has been an eye opening year when it comes to realizing how normatized we are on certain things, such as sexual harassment or street harassment.  Some may believe that it is not a frequent occurrence.  I can understand how some may not think it happens on a regular basis, because it is not an occurrence that may be

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I am a Criminology student from Montreal. I love animals, music, and reading...especially when it involves sitting on the beach.

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