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Finding a place where you are able to fit in a society can be very difficult. Many factors begin to come into play that can make you feel as though you are an outsider. Some examples of these factors being, gender, religion, race, and class. Cultural worldviews and the act of crossing borders between different countries can have a big impact many different races. This is an issue that shows up in the documentary, Somewhere Between directed and produced by Linda Goldstein Knowlton (2011), where the lives of four young female Chinese adoptees, who were given up due to the “One Child Policy” were observed and profiled. It allows us to feel the powerful experience that adopted children have to face and overcome and many of the hardships they face. Many themes of identity formation, family, adoption, race, cultural communication and issues of belonging and gender are present throughout the film.

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French immigration laws need to be brought to public and political attention. This is a major issue because immigrants are entering the country and being marginalized through unfair treatment and representation. The brutality that immigrants face when entering France can be seen through the eyes of the middle-eastern boy Bilal. Brutality is portrayed through the situations he encounters when trying to enter into the United Kingdom to see his girlfriend Mina. (Lioret, 2009) Bilal is faced with many situations in which he is discriminated against just because of his ethnicity.

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It is very well known that Chinese families put extreme pressure on their kids to be good, if not the best, at school. This results in students working astonishingly hard to  study and to overwork to an unhealthy level. As for the parents, many of them downgrade their way of living in order to offer their kids an education a shot at obtaining the ''Chinese Dream'', which is the ideal lifestyle valued by the Chinese population.

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When students make a transfer in their lives from adolescence to adulthood, it tends to be a very stressful part of their lives. They start to learn about themselves, are given more freedom than they know what to do with, and are also given a lot more responsibilities with that freedom. These can all be stressful events.

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In The harsh realities of electric vehicles in China written by Michael Vaughan on Globe and Mail, the author demonstrates the rareness of the nice weather in China because of the pollution and smog in the air. It is mostly because of the abusive use of cars producing pollution from the carburant. There are a lot of people living in China which means that more cars are used and there is even more traffic. China is trying to do the Five Year Plan to change from fossil fuel to electric energy for the cars.

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Athletes playing rugby are being encouraged to stay on the field and suffer through injury due to social pressure and an athlete’s socialization. Cultures within many sporting contexts encourage athletes to play through minor aches and pains. Some common phrases that athletes encounter are “take one for the team” or “to suck it up”. A study was conducted by a participant observation to explore this phenomenon. One of the researchers volunteered as a first aid provider at a high school for a rugby team and the other as an athletic trainer at the university level.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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The article, “Cognitive-Behavioral based Physical Therapy to improve surgical spine outcomes: A case Series,” explains how fear of movement ids a risk factor for poor-operative outcomes in patients following spine surgery.  It also shows the range of techniques that physical therapists use to solve problems along with the affects that followed the sessions.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavioral patterns.  Eight patients underwent surgery for a lumber degener

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The oil spill in north Dakota would be the first major oil spill, it was discovered by a landowner on September 29. It mostly hit the low land about nine miles northeast of North Dakota. This major oil spill affected the groundwater sources and lets the department of health in concern. People had never seen this much land covered in ages, they said it looked like lakes, rivers and streams. In North Dakota they have a system where they gather oil from the Bakken Shale and deliver it to another Enbridge pipeline.

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The importance of SAT testing and its correlation to college admissions.

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According to an article published the Sixth of August, 2013 in the Globe and Mail, France is debating on extending the ban around the Muslim headscarf to its universities. In fact, complete veiling of the face is already forbidden in public places in France since 2010. The ban is also applicable to Muslim headscarf in the public schools of the country since 2004 in order not to influence young children.

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There are many new advancements in medical technology and medical research has gone far beyond what scientists and doctors could have hoped. There has been more advancements in the way medical care is provided which will have a huge socioeconomic impact on the world. All of these things together show a bright future for people and a much better quality of life.

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