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After the devastating typhoon in which Philippines have been strucked with,many people were left homeless without food not shelter.Many people are unable to obtain drinkable water due to its shortages.Many illnesses such ascholera,hepatitis,malaria,dengue fever and typhoid fever can be found in many victims today.Although many doctors and nurses are on scene, The amount of victims that were hit from the typhoon surpase the numbers of doctors therefore many death a occuring from the lack of doctors.Researchers have found out a new parasitic disease which is an epidemic could surge out any mo

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While colonization may not be as present today as in the days of Christopher Columbus, there are people who are still affected by the similar means of abuse from a higher authority. Icíar Bollaín’s Even the Rain shows us that people in Bolivia today face similar issues that the conquered natives faced when the Spanish conquistador Christopher Columbus settled on their land.

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Americans are constantly on the go, trying to keep up with their busy schedules that force some to sacrifice sleep. In reality, sleep should be one’s priority once the sun goes down. Americans, adults especially, seem to learn this the hard way, once the damage is done.

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Cigarettes are becoming more of a social norm among teenagers. Some teens can start as young as seventh grade! This deadly phenomenon that influences many teens’ lives, can now be predicted on whom it affects due to the values that a teen holds.

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After the gang rape and the murder by four individuals of a young woman named Nirbhaya, which occurred in December 2012, the ‘’Delhi Human Development Report’’ (DHDR) of 2013 undoubtedly exposed the major public safety issues in Delhi, India.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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This article looks at the many issues that teens experience while making their transition into the complex world of adulthood. It looks at their moods and reactions to things that accrue in their everyday lives such as loss of friendships depression or unbalanced anger. Parents are having trouble distinguishing when these outbursts really begin to take a tool on the Childs life, and when it is necessary to seek sources other than themselves for help.

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Disney's new Princess Sofia was supposed to be the first princess to represent Hispanic women. However Disney recently posted that Princess Sofia is to represent "multi-cultural" ethnicity's, presenting controversies with Hispanic and other cultural fans who wish to identify with a Disney Princess.

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As the years progress so do the obesity rates in the United States. Children choose to spend endless hours in front of a screen rather than being physically active. Unfortunately, the results are showing in the upcoming generations and are beginning to define our nation.

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