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The study of human relationships within a community creates the general term for social science. Studying law in this form allows the use of the different perspectives to obtain information in another way giving several benefits. This is for the reason that several different formatted questions are giving to attempt to fully understand all aspects of the considered topic. Giving us a different view from the insight of the majority and individuals, including the understanding of ones rights within the system.

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Law can be described as a system of rules that a community recognizes to maintain social order. This refers to ideas of power and obedience that this authority holds. These ideas lead towards the following of law and its rules which can be described by morality and punishment. Morality can effect an individual’s decisions based on what they be believed to be proper and improper. In law it can be described by a regulator for the reason that based on events as individuals or groups see fit to address situations by using these principles.

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As defined, Law is a system of rules which a community recognizes as a set of regulations that are enforced by penalties. This ensures that the values that society holds are followed to create a norm. This act can be viewed daily by each individual among a community in several different conducts. For example, when a person drives to their morning destination they are required to obey the rules of the road. This includes maintaining a regulated speed, following guide lines and using correct signals.

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