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Poverty is an epidemic that is continually perpeturated. Everyone in society is negatively affected by poverty, however it is not impossible to end its cyclical pattern; focusing social service programs on education attainment is the first step.

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The organisation that I will volunteer for is called Centre St-Vincent-de-Paul. This organisation sells second hand furniture to families and people who do not have the financial luxury to pay for top price merchandise.  The organisation’s goal is to collect donations from people, and sell it at affordable prices. The organisation’s mission is to help families get essential accessories to help them live their lives.

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Keegan Stephan is a resident of New York City who has been concerned with traffic issues in his community. He has spent a considerable amount of his time to make those issues much less of a problem. He is a cyclist in New York who has been trying to make cycling a much easier and safer activity within the city. To do this he takes part in many community building activities, showing the perks of being a cyclist.

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In 1907, Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, was presenting is studies on a 51 years old women who was suffering from presenile dementia which is now known as Alzheimer’s disease. His paper was a great advance in the research of this disease and that’s why they changed the name of the disease to his name. His paper also allowed to make this situation a disease instead of a standard situation related to ageing. Mr.

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When we hear stories or read articles about teen depression, there is often a heavy emphasis put on girls. This emphasis is often due to self-esteem issues teen girls have when comparing themselves to impossibly skinny supermodels that embody our society’s image of an attractive woman. Furthermore, teen girls are often more expressive, not only vocally but also with their body language about their depression. I choose to focus more on what makes teen boys depressed because I feel that it is important to take both genders in account when studying an illness.

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Briana Jones

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