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Behind the computer hides an information war. Governments and economic interests are constantly being tested by individuals or international government. In the effort to gather information, every action an individual commits can now be monitored with modern technology. Actions as trivial as taking public transit to using a credit card can all be recorded and stored by various information gathering firms. Some firms even store internet history to understand client’s consumption patterns and tailor advertisements accordingly to browsing habits.

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             During the past few weeks, I have been reading and summarizing news articles about physical activity and health. In fact, it was proven that obesity was due to the lack of exercise and the lack of a healthy diet. Obesity rates have increased rapidly in a short period of time. To put you in perspective, one in four Canadians are obese (Super-Sized 2). Also, obesity rates have increased from 25 to 35 percent for women and from 20 to 35 percent for men between 1988 and 2010 (You Are What You Eat 2).

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The Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is one of Canada’s biggest spying agency. This agency operates in a 1 billion dollar building with a 500 million dollar annual budget. According to the article “Review body for Canada’s electronic spy agency warns it can’t keep up” published by Alex Boutilier on April 1, 2015 on TheStar news website.

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Since the divulgation of information by whistleblower Edward Snowden, information unknown to the Canadian public about its secret services have been exposed.  In the article “CISI protest-risk forecast highlighting ‘citizen journalism’ heightens fears of government oversight” Published on the by Jim Bronskill, Marcc 18, 2015 on the NationalPost website.

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The article “MP Rathgeber wants tougher oversight of electronic spy agency” written by Ian MacLeod on Aprils 4th , 2015 and published On, reveals that the  CSE or the Communications Security establishment, which monitors the communication of Canadians and other international interests is only monitored by a few people, consisting of a judge, 11 researchers and a few more individuals.

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In recent decades the portrayal of war violence in Western media has become more regulated and less anticipated by audiences. The use of certain graphic images or detailed content concerning war is for the most part highly censored due to underlying ethical issues, as well as potential consequences this kind of mass exposure could have on audiences. In contrast, other audiences that are exposed to non-Western media outlets such as Al-Jazeera “quite reasonably [expect] gore and dead bodies to be part of war coverage” (Friedersdorf, 2013).

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Edward Snowden was born in 1983 (He is currently 31). His father was a coast guard and his mother was a judge in Baltimore federal court. Snowden dropped out of high school to enroll in a computer technology course. During his Computer classes he joined the Special Forces training camp but was unable to complete training due to a broken leg. Being unable to complete his training he completed his computer science courses. After this he managed to obtain a job with the National Security Agency (NSA) as a guard, and the CIA.

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 Recently freedom of expression and press has been limited worldwide. Russia has adopted and is planning on adopting limiting factors to freedom of expression and democracy. The article Russia: RIP Freedom of Speech? Publish 31st of July 2014 on the Aljazeera website by Remi Piet reveals that Russia although it is a great critic of the NSA uses similar techniques to gather information about its own citizen.

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The Canadian Cancer Society or La Société canadienne du cancer is a non-profit organization which has for goal to reduce the suffering for those living with cancer and their families.

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Two animal right activist from the United-States face 10 years of prison and a title of terrorist after being caught releasing mink and foxes from a fur farms. They face charges under the 2006 law where damaging property or profit line of animal businesses can carry terrorism conviction, all without any violence. Kevin Johnson and Tyler Lang will plead for the federal charges to be dismissed. The lawyer of the two defendants claims that the use of the concept of terrorism is not appropriate and is use to stop free speech.

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Many countries have been attempting to reduce or limit freedom of expression. Canada for has not been spared. After the attacks in Ontario and Quebec in October 2014, the federal government want to create laws that would silence citizens and certain views.

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Shale gas exploitation has been an ongoing debate throughout the world by affecting many local populations, the economy and energy security. As many world regions addressed the issue differently, this article will enlighten different aspects regarding shale gas and how it is viewed worldwide. Often, it is an issue of environment versus economic advantages. For example, Quebec took a moratorium approach and didn’t exploit shale gas while Alberta and the rest of Canada exploit or view the resources as economic opportunities.

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In todays society everything that is news today will be old news tomorrow. Technology for example evolves instantaneously. However as swift as mankind is progressing, the one thing that is not improving worldwide is our health.  With the constant growth of fast food chains worldwide, researchers have found that obesity rates have proliferated worldwide. According to Lancet, a medical journal, no nation has taken the proper precautions in order to "slim down" their population for the past thirty years.

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       Processed and genetically modified foods are being eaten by almost everyone, every day. Almost every food at your local store has been processed or is genetically modified to taste good, to look good and in fact to be sold at a cheaper price. GMOs are done by “extracting DNA from one species and injecting it into another” (Dr.OZ). While processed foods being quite similar are when you add chemicals to raw, natural foods so the process of making the product is faster and therefore able to produce great quantities of the product.

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With the significant improvement of technology in the past decades, modern day society has arrived at a point where wearable technology has been introduced to our everyday lives. Whether it is through glasses, shoes, watches, heart rate monitors, etc. the increasing amount of wearable technology poses a serious threat to our community. Particularly, in the United States of America, companies that manufacture these products, in addition to third parties, allow themselves to have access to your personal data and use it to their discretion.

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We must eat in order to survive. That is a fact.  Unfortunately the way we feed our self has an impact on the environment.

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On October 15th, 2011, the article ʺThe Cancer Risk Factor You’ve Probably Never Heard ofʺ written by Stephanie Sy and Cara Lemieux was published by abc News. The article relates the story of JoAnn Pushkin and Nancy Cappello who are two women of 40 years old. The two of them were doing annual mammograms and self-exams every month on their breasts as it is recommended by the doctors. The two of them, one day, while they were doing their self-exam found a lump on their breasts. They immediately went to pass a mammogram.

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There are multiple countries with intelligence agencies which gather vast amounts of data, one of the most know intelligence agency is the NSA (National Security Agency).

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Boko Haram Appears to be using abducted school girls as suicide bombers: Experts” By alexander smith, brings back the hashtag Bring Back Our Girls as experts believe some of the 300 abducted school girls as young as the age of 10 are being used as suicide bombers. The Atlantic  council claims that the terrorist group tactics have changed, moving to children to influence people to follow strict Islamic law.

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            In the article Roma Family Fearful of Deportation to Hungary written on the Montreal Gazette website by Marian Scott on January 20, 2015 it is stated that a family of Roma refuges from Hungary are to be deported by the 28th of January. The family first arrived in Canada after having been victims of three attacks on family members in 2011.

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Rare can a habitation be as environmentally friendly as the four Harrington sisters' barn. Located in Bradshaw, Nebraska, the farm building has a windmill and many solar panels that plaster the roof to provide clean energy. Unlike the exterior of the property that seems harmless and peaceful, the interior shows a much more aggressive side. Indeed, covering the walls of the residence there are multiple signs with slogans such as "Build your Energy" and "#NOKXL", in protest of the construction of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.

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While colonization may not be as present today as in the days of Christopher Columbus, there are people who are still affected by the similar means of abuse from a higher authority. Icíar Bollaín’s Even the Rain shows us that people in Bolivia today face similar issues that the conquered natives faced when the Spanish conquistador Christopher Columbus settled on their land.

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In the article updated on November 1, 2013 (the original date is not written) called The Fight to Free Myanmar’s Child Soldier published on the CNN website. The article talks about some child soldiers that have managed to get out of the military and also about their parents and their experience. It is said that at the age of 14, Zaw Min Paing was enrolled by the army.

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In the New York Times article written by Ian Johnson, the urbanization process in China is described as being extremely problematic. In fact, this increasing movement creates greater division than ever between rural landowners and the State authorities. Thus, the Chinese government strongly pushes these farmers to leave their lands and move to the urban centers. In that way, the development of these agricultural areas becomes conceivable.

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The amount of elderly people needing care is growing, and so is the number of abuse cases that the elderly have faced.

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In The harsh realities of electric vehicles in China written by Michael Vaughan on Globe and Mail, the author demonstrates the rareness of the nice weather in China because of the pollution and smog in the air. It is mostly because of the abusive use of cars producing pollution from the carburant. There are a lot of people living in China which means that more cars are used and there is even more traffic. China is trying to do the Five Year Plan to change from fossil fuel to electric energy for the cars.

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In the article Qatar World Cup construction 'will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead' published on

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For my blog research assignment, I chose an article that had to do with the negative stigma of tattooing. Tattoo recipients have been looked at by many people in society as socially deviant because they are going against the norms by cosmetically adding to their natural body. Tattooing, according to this article, is seen as negative behavior and is done by non-conformists. The article indicates that individuals get tattoos for a number of reasons including religious self-expression and having a feeling of power over one’s self and reflect self-concept.

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       In the article Conflict Over Water Rise in Tanzania published on on October 18,2013 , it is said that global warming has made water resources in the Tanzania scarcer. According to the article this worsens the current availability of water in the region. Within 3 years there are around 2000 herders with around 200000 animals who have moved to the area straining the resources and degrading the land.

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In the article Canada, EU unveil 'historic' free-trade agreement for The Globe and Mail, Paul Waldie explains that the free-trade agreement would be beneficial for both Europe and Canada. Mr. Harper adds that it is surely one of the important good deals they have made in the past few years. This agreement is about removing many tariff rates, trade between foreign countries and encourage the labour movement. This means that 98 per cent of the tariffs in Canada and Europe will be completely abolished.

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Mathieu Fortier                                                                                                                                      September 13   Italy's unemployment rate going up  

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Should physician assisted suicide be legal anywhere in the world? Even if a person is terminally ill is it morally right to end one’s own life? Why is it legal in other countries for a doctor to participate in assisted suicide? A doctor’s job is to save lives not take them away.

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     In the article A Call for Aid, Not Laws, to Help Women in Italy , Published in New York Times on August 18, 2013, it is stated that Prime Minister Enrico Letta wants to make tougher laws in order to reduce domestic violence and the killing of women.

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