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Studying law as a social science has many benefits. Rather than just study past cases and laws, studying it as a social science explains how it affects society and how society also affects the law. One of the benefits to studying law as a social science is understanding how law is used to maintain a functioning society. Laws state what actions are legal within society and what actions may result in legal repercussions. This knowledge can be used in court rooms or can be used in simpler everyday activities when determining whether something can legally be done or not.

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A law can be defined as a rule or guideline put in place by a higher power to ensure the safety of citizens and as a way of promoting justice. As a society we typically obey all laws that are intelligible (easily understood). These laws are present to protect us in ways that prevent us from being put in harmful or dangerous situations. Every law has a purpose and that purpose is usually to make our lives safer. For example, trespassing laws are put in place to prevent others from entering private property without permission.

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Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on­­ a regular basis? We encounter many different types of law on a daily basis, for example, following speed limits, paying car insurance every month, and storing firearms properly. These ways in which we encounter the law regularly all fall under different areas of the law.

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