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In this article, two authors, Adelman and Tsao, research who makes up the deep south. Racial makeup of the area is examined, as well as the racial hierarchy that exists there.

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The Influence of Whiteness

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The academic research article “Interracial Relationships and the Transition to Adulthood” has as its purpose to demonstrate and justify the change of patterns of the involvement in interracial sexual relationships during the transition to adulthood. This analysis is based on the data collected by the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS, 1990s) and by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health, 2000s). The main hypothesis of Joyner and Kao (2005) is that the involvement in interracial sexual relationships decreases with the increasing age of young adults.

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Gloria, Julia and Elizabeth’s (2011) study investigated the importance of talking about race and racism at an early age. The study took place in the US in a bilingual second-grade class of 15 students; 10 boys and 5 girls. They were to read specific books that raised the issue of race/racism. Some were to respond to the book, while others would draw their thoughts on the book in order to develop their understanding of race and racism in a none harmful way.

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Obesity is a huge problem, and health programs put in place in this country have not made kids healthier. This journal talks about enormous amounts of money put into programs and policies that have failed.

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The NFL will not let teams show their support for officers that risk their lives everyday, but they let individual players kneel during our countries national anthem. Players are able to stick up for black lives but not officers that have been killed.

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Fat is going to increase. America will be even more fat by the year 2050 than it is today. People will continue to get bigger, and it will continue to cost more money.

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For the past 18 years of my life, I have classify human beings into “races”. Why would I categorize people with skin color? In my opinion, it was just easier and obvious until one day I realized that human classification was a whole lot more complex than I thought. In the following text, we will see how many variables can make human classification injudicious.

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During the last two weeks of class, I learned that human beings should not be classified into "race" since it is not biological, meaning that it is society that decides whether races exist or not. However we discusses in clss and wondered why people always want to know where other people with different origins come from. For example, I have a Black friend that was born in Africa, nut now lves here in Québec. when we are togetherhe often gets asked where he is from and people always skip me due to my skin color which they assume I come from Canada since I am white.

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For the last few weeks, I started to think that the concept of race was a really odd one. Why would we, humans, keep perpetuating the false idea that we are all different, only because of our skin color, hair texture, or eyes shape? Like Jared Diamond claims in his article “Race Without Color” and as we saw in class, there is no biological dissimilarities between the different “races”, and it is illogical to classify humans in categories since “we could have classified races based on any number of geographically variable traits” (Diamond, 1994, para. 37).

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When people lay their eyes on me, they can clearly see I’m not Caucasian. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize people are curious about my ethnicity background, because during my middle school, half of the students were Asian. Therefore, I would rarely get the question “Where are you from?” since I was born in Canada, until I got to high school. We weren’t really “visibly” diverse, so each time I meet someone new they will ask the question, and I would give them a short and innocent answer “Here”.

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Through these past weeks’ lectures and discussions, I was able to improve my understanding of the concept of “race” and the impact that it has on our modern society. In today’s generation, people will often associate various races to specific things; from Arabs and bombs, to Mexicans and illegal immigration, these affiliations, meant as jokes, show how much the concept of race has become omnipresent and is part of our everyday life.

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