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The importance of the 15 commodities is that if we just extract them in a non sustainable way then we will be hurting our planet. We only got one planet so we have to keep it safe. One of the 15 commodities is palm oil. 50 million tons of palm oil is produce annually, It supplies 30% of the worlds vegetable oil. Palm oil is harming the environment the way we are extracting it. Do to the way we extract the palm oil we have destroyed 90% of the orangutans habitat in the last 20 years. We will need to stop that conserve the planet and not extinct the orangutans.

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Australia is about to lose a lot of money because they are going to stop the continuation of wind farms. That is not a sustainable act. Australia was on their way on becoming a cleaner place and reducing their carbon footprint but now the government is stopping it. Australia is not the only country being affected in the cuts or renewable resource. Germany, Spain and Italy are just some countries making cuts in their renewable energy source. In Australia Wind energy is the second most used renewable energy source after Hydropower.

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The recent terror attacks in Paris reveal fundamental problems within the suburbs of the French capital

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