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                                                       Health is an issue that has been grabbing my attention for a while now; Health problems have always been a problem in society but as the years go by humans are letting obesity become a general health issue.  Obesity is being accepted as a problem that is similar to a disease.  I have found two articles that I were particularly interesting to me, the first article I will be writing

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On Thursday November the 8th 2012 an article named ‘’Generation Text’’ was published in the CTV Montreal News. The article points out that today’s teenagers are becoming more and more depending on technology such as cell phones. They always have their cell phones in their hands at all time.

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An article posted on CTV news by Relaxnews on February 20th, 2013 states that a Swedish study has found that longer pregnancies and low birth weights may be caused by the rates of caffeine being consumed. This topic relates to a journal published in June 2010, which follows the academic discipline of psychology. This is a discipline that involves studying the mental functions and behaviors. It aims to understand groups and individuals.

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