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In recent years, the power of the media to influence the public’s decision has been greater than ever. With almost every household in America having a TV or phone their opinions and headlines have the possibility to change the opinion of millions of Americans. The 2016 US election was one of the most brutal campaigns in recent years as Hillary Clinton, representing the democratic party, and Donald Trump, representing the republican party, constantly argued over points from their past, and personal lives.

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                  One of the biggest dilemmas that is facing current society is abortion. Many wonder whether if it is morally right to kill an unborn fetus as some view equally to killing a person. In general, the public’s response is either for it or against it with a small portion undecided (BBC News). The debate over the ethical viability of abortion has been complicated but from a utilitarianism ethical framework, the outcomes and the overall health of the birth mother is what matters.

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