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            There are many different aspects to the law and limiting the way we study it would also limit the understanding and knowledge we could extrapolate from our studies. Studying the law as a political science, in the sense that it’s just black on white and we learn the facts, is important because it aids us to keep social integrity and order, however, all it does is determine whether or not someone is guilty of a crime.

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     I feel we obey the law because we’re aware of what will happen if we don’t. We’re able to recognize that chaos can occur, and it can destroy the “structure” that’s been formed to prevent such troubles. In Canada, we don’t face much chaos as our government is fairly well structured, but there are countries all across the world that don’t have the same layout as us. We watch this disorder and mayhem occur on the news. We see the damage it does to both the country, and its citizens.

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            There is no one reason why people obey the law and you would get many different answers from different people if you were to pass a survey asking the question. This variation in answers could easily stem from the plethora of possibilities from which reasoning could be derived. Some of these include personal moral persuasion, simple fear of receiving a consequence, and socialization from the way we`ve been raised.

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            As we go on about our everyday lives we don’t necessarily think about the law and what consequences we would encounter if we did certain things, yet we generally don’t do things that would entail grave consequences. Why? It could be because they are things that we just instinctively know to be wrong, or maybe they’re just rules that have been drilled so far into our minds we’ve been conditioned to follow them since we were young.

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