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There are many benefits to study law as a social science. It helps us to interpret laws and make sure they have no loopholes and can properly govern as many people as possible without any complaints. Without the social science aspect, we would lose the part of law that goes in-depth with how people interact with themselves and the law. As it was taught to us in class, sociology plays a big part in helping us design and interpret laws, regulations and statutes.

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We obey the law because it protects us and help regulate everyday life. Without law, we live in a society that total anarchy and are extremely uncivilized. Without law, life would be hell; the potential of people hurting us or our loved ones at any given moment is horrifying. People breaking into our house and stealing our belongings and not even being punished for their crimes. Laws help regulate food violations, water treatment, or even taking care of a city (i.e. road repairs, housing repairs, snow removal).

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 I remember when I was still a young lad, about around the age of thirteen or fourteen. We had a nanny in our house to look after my then three-year-old sister, Sophie, and my seven-year-old brother, William. She was good for the most part did her job well enough. She cleaned, took us places and cared for my sister and brother while we were at work or at school. But then  my mom started to noticed she was losing money from her bank account and had many of her checks were written out to the nanny.

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