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            In the article called “Talking to Small Children About Race” by Anne Theriault, really hits home to many families across the nation.  Many parents either don’t see or understand that racism is still an issue, or parents never truly get to sit down with their children and have a good long talk about what it (race) is because they just don’t know how.  There still a larger majority of parents, according to this article, who play the ‘colour blindness’ card.  Colour blindness is when someone does not think that people are necessarily different colours, but they think that everyone

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In the article by Josh Elliott “Multiculturalism Minister Target of Racist Remark”, Tim Uppal Is the first Canadian Minister to wear a turban in the House of Commons.  Tim Uppal tweeted about a remark that a woman said to him and his family when leaving the tennis court in Ottawa. The woman said, “ Are they members and added why can’t they play in the day?

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This article by Rachel Décoste comments on Canada's "don't ask, don't tell" mentality when racism is concerned. As Canadians, we often pride ourselves in being a tolerant, open-minded, free society, yet our media honours a code of silence when it comes to racism. The article gives an example of a Toronto man named Orville Lloyd Douglas who wrote an article called Why I hate being a black man. His article discusses the negative projections associated with his race and gender. The article was published in a U.K. newspaper, but looked over here in Canada. Before Mr.

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We may know that a lot has been done so far for women. But not enough has actually been done. We hear constantly how women need to stand for themselves and need to unite and all that. But it’s not enough to stop there. Men play also an important role in this whole feminist movement. Most men perceive women as sexual object and that they’re supposed to stay in the kitchen. If men changed some of their values and morals, change would appear immediately. Teenage boys are taught to be disrespectful towards woman, and to treat them like absolute trash.

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