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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you watch the news and hear about mass murdering or even a simple murder done by a man of color, society immediately needs to point out and emphasize the fact that the crime’s motives must be linked to his ethnicity, faith or culture. As if the crime and the man themselves are overshadowed by the fact that the perpetrator is not white, and then suddenly his actions speak for the entirety of his race or religion.

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In the news article “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport” from the CBC News from June 11, 2014, explains the effects racism in schools can have on children. Torrence Collier, and 11 year old boy has experienced racism and bullying in school by his peers due to him being the only “black child” in the small town of Westport. He endures daily endless slurs, threats, and sometimes physical assaults. Torrence goes to school feeling scared, wondering why everyone hates him, and he feels horrible about himself.

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In the article “For Black Students the School to Prison Pipeline Is in Higher Gear Than Ever” by Earl Ofari Hutchinson in Huffington Post from October 24th, 2014 explains how there are a concentrated amount of black students that are either expelled or suspended in America’s public school institutions and under the radar the number of black students who get arrested based on alleged behaviours are greater than expulsion or suspension. If the student is black, a single wrong look or slight scuffle could cause the school to involve the police.

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The man box is about how men are “supposed” to act in today’s world. It is said to be “the rules for acting like a man”. The man box states, for example, do not cry openly or express emotions with the exception of anger; be tough, athletic, strong and courageous; and view woman as property and objects. If a man is seen having a tough day, he will be told to “man up” and “get over it”. However, if the same would be happening to a women, she would be comforted. This is not right!

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    Fake has become the new beauty    

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In today's modern world we tend to think that everything's alright, that we've finally made it as a society and we can now enjoy life as we should have been doing since the beginning. African Americans obtained their fully deserved rights, women can vote and gay people can now get married and adopt children (in Canada and certain States that is). However, that is not really the case.

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