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The article presented by Global News, highlights the stressed laid upon the locals of Sarnia from an industrial parkway, known as the Chemical Valley. This collection of news stories displayed the struggles that families face regarding their health and the steps taken toward mitigating this problem. Studies show that Sarnia has one of the highest rates of respiratory cancer cases in all of Canada. The locals blame this outbreak on the 60 oil refining plants that are crammed within 20 square miles.

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The Canadian based news company ‘Toronto Star’ released an article on the challenges the Canadian economy faces due to pollution. In 2015, the IISD predicted that the cumulative cost of pollution, in many indirect and direct manners, could be well over fifty billion dollars. In the report they defined pollution as “anything released into the environment by human activity including car exhaust, sewage, crude oil spill off, greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizers, waste heat, noise, light and chemicals like pesticides, plastic additives, and flame retardants” (Ballingall, 2017).

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