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Since the beginning of the time, women are categorized as individuals who are weaker to men. We used to consider them as if they are only able to do housework such as washing clothes, make food, and wash the dishes. We think that they are a lot weaker than men, so they do work that requires less energy. It was only in the 1800s that women received laws that fight for their equity. One of the first law was to let women keep their property when they get married, because before, they needed to give their property away to their husband.

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Currently, we think that gender inequality is something  which is quite rare in our society . We see a lot of feminist protest against it, but do we really know what kind of inequality is still present? Whenever we think about inequality, we think of 2 parties where one has something more than the other one. It is still the reality today.   

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Since the creation of the Communist Party of Canada, it has been seen as a major risk to the population with his ideology. With its election platform, it seems like a great party, but why is it so unpopular?   How the Communist Party of Canada wants to change in the environment sector   ·         Adopt emergency legislation to slash greenhouse gas emissions, and support reparations to countries affected by capitalist-driven climate change.

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In a electoral campain, each party's found issues and try there best to resolve them by making promesses.The green party environemental platform is focused on three main issues. Climate change, building a sunstainable economyand  oil sands developpement 

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Recently, a woman got bullied when she was ordering  in a Tim Hortons. Right after, she paid the bullies a coffee.

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Life is already hard sometimes, but what if everything becomes more expensive ? Should we worry about it ?

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This article is focusing on an important medical issue, which is the loss of eyesight as a person grows in age, called age macular degeneration. In this news report, a solution to macular degeneration, abbreviated AMD, is presented, introducing a new technology: implanting electrodes on the surface of the retina. The first implantation has been performed, on Ray Flynn, a senior with degrading eyesight.  

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According to this site, in Canada, 59% of adults are considered overweight or obese, which is really enormous. But, how can we decrease this rate? The ultimate solution is working out. Nowadays, more and more people are getting aware of the correlation between working out and having a better overall health. Doctors are taking action.  

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Today, we all probably know what is Facebook and what it does. We know it’s one of the most popular social media website where we can stay in contact with our friends, play games, post pictures and like them. However, why does Facebook does not have a dislike button ?  

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When doing an interview for a job, would you rather be doing the traditional stuff such as presentations, quizzes or would you rather play games ? Well, if you belong in the group of person who'd rather play games, there's some big news. Knack, a website that makes you play games actually analyze the data to show you what kind of jobs will fit you the best.

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