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In the BBC article "Daily torment of racism in the classroom" published on May 23rd, 2012, Divya Talwar discusses the racial discrimination a year 9 student, Khadeja Fahat, has had to face at school in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Certain of her classmates have verbally and physically attacked her. She has been labeled as a Terrorist or a Taliban, associated with the 9/11 attack and has been punched once in the ribs by a pupil all due to her appearance.

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Have you ever been discriminated, made fun of because of your skin color or felt like you didn’t belong somewhere, well you’re not the only one. Serena Williams, 3 time winner of the French Opens, and many more has been discriminated a lot. In the article called “Serena Williams subjected to racism, sexist remarks following French Open victory” by the WITW Staff (Woman in the World) published on June 8th 2015, they talk about how Serena Williams continues to be targeted by racism and sexist remarks about her body.

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Being a woman nowadays means dealing with a lot of problems. In our society, women have to be perfect: they have to be beautiful, kind, intelligent, ect. If they are not, what usually happens is that these women are not as prioritized as “perfect” women are, because they do not meet our civilization’s criteria. ! Then, why are we thinking that women are socially equal to men, when both of the genders are exposed to the same society and yet, no equality is visible.  

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