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The word femenism draw a certain, should i say, stigma to it. such a name can be seen as exclusionary by many who do not understand why champions of gender equality call themself femenists. People often use the statement: "Im not a femenist...but i agree with..." whats important to understand that the name doesn't imply female domination as appose to male domination.  

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2.6 million years ago, the first major evolutionary change in the human diet happened. The arrived of meat in our daily intake of food had many consequences for the evolution of our species. First, humans were eating meat to survive when other resources were not easily available (example, in the winter). Meat was providing them a good source of energy. Time passed and meat became the major part of our plate, making the vegetables and others the "side-dishes". Meat became a symbol of wealth, where eating flesh of animal was considered as a privilege that not everyone could afford.

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