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The article “ Racism is so insidious, even black people underestimate it.” by Kali Holloway is an article published on September 29, 2014 by the newspaper TheGuardian. The article talks about the shocking revelation that many white people in America believe that racism is a made-up problem by other races and that it is rarely a factor that takes place in the cases of police brutality. The author of the article however, rebuttals by referring to the many studies that show that although whites are the one who use illegal drugs, blacks are more liked to be jailed for drug use.

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When a boy was born, he was taught to “be a man”.  Every man learns since they were kids how to be a real man. They were taught about “the man box”: rules that our society create to show how men are supposed to be. These rules give men the mentality and the behaviors of how they supposed to act in the society. If they’re not behaving like the image that “the man box” has created, people will end up calling them: pussy, weak, gay, etc. So if they don’t want the society to judge them, especially women, they have to act like a man, like how the box shows them to.

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