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In the news article “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport” from the CBC News from June 11, 2014, explains the effects racism in schools can have on children. Torrence Collier, and 11 year old boy has experienced racism and bullying in school by his peers due to him being the only “black child” in the small town of Westport. He endures daily endless slurs, threats, and sometimes physical assaults. Torrence goes to school feeling scared, wondering why everyone hates him, and he feels horrible about himself.

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            The article “The implicit racism in Ebola tragedy” by Robin Wright on the CNN website published on October 9, 2014 talks about how the Ebola Virus has caused some racism toward people of color in the United-States. It is said in the article that in both Europe and the United-States Ebola has been a cause of racial profiling. It was reported that in Dallas some kids, because of their skin color or heritage, were being called “Ebola Kids”.

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In the article “Achieving Diversity in Police Ranks No Easy Task” by Allen G. Breed and Sharon Cohen in the ABC News from September 14th, 2014 explain the lack of diversity in police’s all around. One police named Bill Carson from St-Louis suburb of Maryland Heights noticed a diversity problem. In a department of 79 officers, there are just one black and one Hispanic officer. In most areas, there are rarely more than two black and one Hispanic officer’s. Most officers worldwide consist of mostly Caucasian men. If someone is not a white male, they are considered a lower rank.

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         The article ‘’Racism Is Canada's Problem Too - Let's Talk About it’’ by Craig and Marc Kielburger starts off by talking about a couple racist events that happened recently such as the shooting in Ferguson Missouri of a black teen by white police officers. He also mentions an event in which Canada’s minister of state himself was a victim of racism when out with his family in an Edmonton tennis club where a women said that because of his race the prime minister of state and his family were probably poor and unemployed.

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Nowadays, men and women are stereotyping themselves way too much. For example, let’s take the colors associated with both genders. Pink is directly associated to a girl and blue is directly associated to a guy. In my personal case, I have some male friends that like to wear pink shirts but they’re too shy to show it in public. Furthermore, I know quite a lot of girls that loves watching MMA but again they don’t want to show it publicly so they will not get judged... Stereotyping each other is just not beneficial for each side because people will not demonstrate their true personalities.

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