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Why does media exist? Are they about information, or about sensation? A pit bull killed a woman during the last summer. Media such as T.V.A or L.C.N took that non-important news and took it to the front page; it created fear in the population. The government even had the idea of a law that would oblige the pit bull owner to let professionals kill their dogs. That example is one of many others. The real issue is that sensationalism in media can lead to disinformation.

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In Japan, there are many eye-catching buildings, for example, Tokyo tower, temples such as Zen temple in Kyoto called Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), shrine, and so on. They are buildings peculiar to Japan, so they are popular among people overseas. Also, Osaka prefecture in Japan has some eye-catching buildings. One of them is Kyocera Dome Osaka. It is a very famous baseball stadium in Osaka. Kyocera Dome Osaka has changed since it was built. So, I am going to introduce Kyocera Dome Osaka.

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In the industry of electronic products, there are some big names known by the entire world. Since the 80's, Apple never stopped to impress us with new technologies and improvements. in fact, Apple's fans biggest argument is the operating system and the device itself. The two are made in the same house. iDevices are completly built by Apple. There can be no lag, bug or compatibility problems. To continue, apple always brings new technologies like Retina displays, Touch ID or 3D Touch. All of their new advancements are always at the finest touch.

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In secondary five, most of the students have to choose a program in Cegep or a DEP that will sort of determine the rest of their life. The thing is that when students do not know what they want to do with their life, future can be more frightening than exciting. Even if choosing a pre-university program buys two more years, this time might not be long enough to realize what people want to do next. For the people who always knew what they wanted, it can be frightening too. Indeed, they might have to move to another city and start a whole new life.

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